Lower Brule Schools

Mission Statement

In cooperation with the community - the Lower Brule school system will provide a safe and supportive environment where all students, guided by a concerned community and school are given the opportunity to learn and succeed academically, culturally, socially, physically, personally and spiritually.

Elementary School


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Student Awards and Recognition


Congratulations to Ryan Gray and J-Lin Estes selected as Lower Brule SD Hometown Heroes of Character.  

They will be featured on professionally made posters that will be displayed throughout the state. 

Middle School/HighSchool


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News / Annoucements

December Events 

Today, was the start of the Dakota 38 Memorial Ride, which commemorates hanged Dakota warriors on December 26, 1862. Descendants of those lost in the Dakota Conflict mount their horses annually in Lower Brule, SD on December 10th and ride nearly 350 miles to Mankato, MN. Runners also participated today by running ahead of the riders in route to Crow Creek, SD, 15 miles from Lower Brule. Many students, staff and community members joined in on the run. 

LBHS is gearing up for the Lakota Nation Invitational which takes place December 16th - December 20th in Rapid City at the Civic Center. Teams in Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Wrestling, Girls Volleyball, Knowledge Bowl and Art will be participating. An LNI schedule will be posted as soon as it is developed by the LNI headquarters.


GBB Dec. 11, Lower Brule vs. Iroquois - home  6:30pm

Junior class will be serving Walking Tacos for $5.00 

Senior Class will be hosting contests during Half Time

GBB Dec. 12 Lower Brule vs. Marty Indian - home  4:00pm

BBB Dec. 12, Lower Brule vs. Marty Indian - home  4:00pm

Senior class will be serving Walking Tacos for $5.00 

Junior Class will be hosting contests during Half Time

Wrestling Dec. 18, Andes Central Round Robin - Andes Central TTD


S.D.H.S.A.A. - http://www.sdhsaa.com/









Superintendent's Corner

MS/HS Principal's Corner

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