Lower Brule Schools

Mission Statement

In cooperation with the community - the Lower Brule school system will provide a safe and supportive environment where all students, guided by a concerned community and school are given the opportunity to learn and succeed academically, culturally, socially, physically, personally and spiritually.

Elementary School


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Student Awards and Recognition


Congratulations to Ryan Gray and J-Lin Estes selected as Lower Brule SD Hometown Heroes of Character.  

They will be featured on professionally made posters that will be displayed throughout the state. 

Middle School/HighSchool


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News / Annoucements

Lower Brule educators attended the 36th Annual Lakota Nations Education Conference Friday, December 19th in Rapid City, SD. Educators attended Harry and Rosemary Wong's presentation which focused on how to be an effective teacher. Harry and Rosemary Wong are the foremost authorities on effective teaching. They are the most sought-after speakers in education and have spoken to more than one- million educators worldwide. The Wong's have written the best-selling book in education, The First Days of School, selling 3.8 million copies in five foreign languages.



Superintendent's Corner

MS/HS Principal's Corner

It's hard to believe that almost half of the school year is behind us. So many good things have happened since we started back in August. Students at Lower Brule are focused on learning. They have been working hard, and it is starting to show in their work and dispositions. 

Lower Brule students are starting to feel pride in how hard they are working and how much they are achieving. We, the staff at Lower Brule Schools, are engaged in a journey for success with our students. We want them to have every advantage and skill they can take with them in the future. Sometimes they think we make them work too hard, but we only do it because we want them to have every opportunity that can be available to them. We love them and are so glad they are here at Lower Brule Schools.

In addition to academics, Lower Brule students are taught Lakota values. As a staff, we hope to be role models of these values, which we repeat every morning at our opening ceremony. I hope you will join us as we strive to be respectful, generous, brave, honest, compassionate, patient and humble, acting with fortitude, integrity and wisdom.

Dr. Karen Whitney

Elem Principal Corner